Best Alternatives to Cinema APK

It is hard to imagine a life without movies, TV shows, and harder still is to believe that people shall cease to be responsive to the same anytime soon.

Multiple streaming services have emerged into existence for the above reasons, to the extent where the production houses have themselves begun to launch their own web streaming sites. While this poses serious competition to the already established giants, it’s all the better for the users globally.

There are but few problems to this despite the numerous other benefits. A user is necessarily required to purchase a subscription to the respective stream provider for following the progress of their desired TV show or movie.

Sometimes, it can also be possible that not all of your favorites may be centrally available within the same streaming client. In such a case, you might need to subscribe separately to multiple sources.

There is also the matter of being geographically limited when it comes to streaming services. A nation’s laws can also often prohibit loyal users from accessing particular content, even when they have already paid the client for the subscriptions.

Since humanity has adapted to develop solutions to their problems since primitive times, there does exist a solution.

Cinema APK is a popular alternative that provides you the freedom to stream numerous TV shows and movies without paying anything.

Yes, it’s completely free!

Get Cinema APK for PC(Windows)/Mac for Free

Browse and pick your preferred choice of movies and TV shows from its vast library without being held back by the shackles of location, laws, and prohibitions.

You can also choose to view your content with subtitles in over 20 languages while additionally retaining the ability to carry your favorites anywhere you go.


Yes, you get to download all the episodes of any show and any number of movies you may like, all of it that too in HD, 1080p and 4k resolutions.

While Cinema APK is popularly the first choice for many users, there are other similar applications, too, that aim to make your entertainment experience the same.

Morph APK

Previously, this app was called Morpheus TV. The new and developed intuitive interface makes it easier to access the extensive library that also happens to house popular animated web series aside known TV shows and Movies.


While one also gets the benefit of downloading the content in Hi-Res, one can also additionally obtain subtitles to enhance their viewing experience. Being a free app, it surprisingly does not display ads as opposed to what some might expect.

Bee TV

Similar to Cinema APK, this app supports all the essential features to ensure you have a delightful experience. An active and dedicated community of developers behind the success of this app ensures that you do not encounter bugs and broken links.


Since this app has a light footprint, it is less taxing on your device’s resources too. With the ability to use external video players, the promising aspect of this app is purely commendable.

Titanium TV

Another well-known choice in the streaming market is Titanium TV. It is also a free app that happens to house a big database comprising of popular Web Series, sitcoms, and classic movies. The inbuilt schedule within the app is useful for allowing you to keep track of your favorites so you may never miss an episode.

It does illustrate ads sometimes, which causes some users to frown upon it yet, in no way does it hamper your overall viewing experience.


This app requires no introduction for most, since it is one of the oldest streaming clients present to date. With this distinction, the app has also proven to be stable while also delivering exceptional services.


Obtained links are sourced from varied content hosting sites to give you the best choices across all formats. You can also utilize the feature of Chromecast, which lets you enjoy your desired content on a bigger screen.

Phoenix TV

For users who use Firestick TV, this application’s seamless integration will feel quite relieving. Although it is comparatively a younger app if compared to all the previous entries in the list above, this app still delivers all the similar features with nearly no added hassle.

The interface also displays TV shows and movies separately, so that you may never get confused while also improving the complete user experience.


All the applications stated in the list allow you to watch all the content free of cost, you can not go wrong with whichever app you choose for your needs.

You can rely on them completely as the best alternatives to Cinema APK.