How to Install Cinema APK for iOS without Jailbreak

Cinema APK lets you watch TV shows, movies, and cartoons online without the necessity of paying any subscription fees. With Cinema APK in your device, you can access all the movies and TV shows from a database sourced from multiple content hosting websites.

This database is in no way restricted or prohibited from showing any content by the laws of any specific country or any of the organizations operating within it.

The automatic update feature inside the app is useful for those who live a busy life or tend to forget about regularly updating their phone’s applications. The app provides you the function to bookmark both movies & TV shows separately and also lets you sort your collection based on genre too.

You can also save on your additional data bills by using the download feature present within the app itself. It makes it easier for us to carry our favorites with us across any trips or holidays.

With Cinema APK, not only you can watch movies and TV shows in Hi-Res up to 4k, but you can even use an external video player if you want.

Additionally, if you do not enjoy watching movies and TV shows on handheld devices, you can choose to stream it over Chromecast. Chromecast viewing allows you to share your mobile’s screen to a connected bigger display output such as Smart TVs or monitors.


With so many benefits to enjoy without making a compromise over your privacy and security, let’s proceed with installing Cinema APK on your iOS device by following the steps mentioned below:

How to install Cinema APK on iOS

Being an owner of any iOS device certainly makes one feel proud to be a member of one of the brilliant and efficient eco-systems on the planet. The reliability of iOS is unmatched despite various new additional developments being made and adapted into the widely used Linux based Android devices.

Apple prides itself on the privacy that they allow to its loyal iOS users. Due to this reason, installing third-party apps isn’t usually as easy as it is on any Android device. Although the strict security on any version of iOS makes it hard to install Cinema APK on any of the devices within the ecosystem, it is not entirely impossible.

You will need to install a second (new) app store on your device to obtain Cinema APK because direct IPA files for this fantastic app aren’t available to us as of yet.

  • Firstly, too install the new app store, open safari, and type in and press download.
  • You can also search for this app on the internet and then download it on your iOS devices from other reliable hosting sites too.
  • Open the new app store once it has completed the installation and follow the next step carefully.
  • Go to Settings, within it, look for an option called ‘Profile and Device Management‘, click on the option.
  • You will now be asked in a pop-up dialogue box with the choices of whether to ‘Trust‘ or ‘Do Not Trust‘. Here, allow AppValley to be authorized under ‘Trust’
  • Launch the Application and search for Cinema APK or ‘Cinema APP’ or ‘Bobby Movie’ or ‘Coto Movies’ only if the first query fails to display the expected search results.
  • Install the app when you see it matches your search term and once again go to settings to provide ‘Trust’ permission to the downloaded application.
  • Your application should now be ready and installed to access it from your iOS device.

Note: During the process of looking for a reliable third-party app store for your iOS device, Be careful and notice all the permissions you’re allowing to any app. It is so because some apps might wrongly exploit the permissions allowed to the app only to access your phone’s camera and microphone.


We saw that you do not need to specially jailbreak your iOS device to enjoy movies and TV shows for free with Cinema APK. It is among one of the many trusted applications in the community without any security compromising bugs which also allows you to download content for offline viewing.

To furthermore, avoid all the hassles of managing several subscriptions between various streaming services.

So, look no further and download Cinema APK today!