Is Cinema APK Safe and Legal to Use?

The most searched and downloaded app on the website is online streaming apps. Users who love watching movies and TV shows online are missing the old days of Terrarium TV. Then developers gave the ray of hope called Cinema APK for these types of users.

It has really gained popularity lately and became one of the best apps you can look up for watching movies and TV shows online. All the content on this app is free to use and easy to access.

But the most important question for this type of app is: Is this app safe for use? And Is it legal to use Cinema APK? The safety and security of users are one of the most important questions. With this article, we will tell you how this app is safe for the users.

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Is it safe to use Cinema APK?

This app is not available on the play store for download. Users need to download this app from third-party websites and apps. Before downloading this app, be sure about the source you are downloading from.

Safe and secure sites will make sure the app is perfect and safe for use. Malware is found when we download this app from fake third party sites and hence will lead you to malware sites. So, make sure to stay away from these types of fake sites.

Is it illegal to use Cinema APK?

You are doing piracy of movies and TV shows after all. Piracy is illegal in all countries and is not advisable at all. But this app will take you to the respective site of searched content. It is not a direct service for pirated content but provides you with a link that will take you to such sites, thus it is secure and legal.

So, no need for you to worry about the legal issues related to this.

Will it cause any problems?

No, this app will not cause any problems to your device or raises an issue. But then, after all, you are using it for watching pirated content. So, you are putting at risk of serving illegal content.

Use Cinema APK app only if you desire to do so. Otherwise, use paid legal streaming services like Netflix, Hotstar, Hulu and Amazon Prime. These services give us better content and at a nominal price, offer us great services and good rewards.


This app is pretty good when it comes to serving as an app for entertainment purposes. The users who love to watch movies and TV shows online will love this app for sure. The content provided by the app is vast and is of great quality. It is indeed a great substitute for Terrarium TV.

But at the end of the day, you are using pirated content which is obviously misconduct.

So, it is recommended to use Cinema APK only when you are up for the risk and you are sure about using it.